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Huntington County Zoning Hearing

Indiana Metal Madness needs your support at the March 22, 2022 Huntington County zoning hearing.  Come tell the zoning board why you believe Huntington County will benefit from having Metal Madness as a resource.  

Indiana Metal Madness is proud and excited to bring the wonderful Metal Madness shooting game to the Hoosier state.  Unfortunately, in Huntington County the anti-gun crowd has been much more vocal in their opposition of gun safety resources than the pro-gun crowd has been in support.  We need the Metal Madness community’s help to tell the Huntington County government how great this game will be for their community.  There is a zoning hearing on March 22nd to determine if this company can engage in revenue generating activity.  Please take a moment to write an email to the Huntington County Executive Director of Community Development to explain that Metal Madness promotes gun safety and helps grow the community.  Please join us at the March 22 hearing to stop the anti-gun crowd from preventing another wonderful resource from coming to the Huntington County community.

Please send the emails by March 18th to

and Cc

Thank you for your support!

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